Labor Supports a Fair Price for Solar

Bad news today, with IPART recommending a reduction in the solar tariff to 7.5c/kW for 2018-19, down from 11.9-15/kW.

Shadow Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Adam Searle said the reduction of the feed-in tariff will effectively penalise NSW solar households for producing clean power.

IPART has justified the cut by claiming an increase in solar exports has led to a drop in the wholesale cost of electricity during the day.

Labor has so far been the only party with the political will to outline a plan for secure and clean energy while the Liberals stand idle and do nothing.

“There are many benefits to having rooftop solar and people who invest in clean power should be rewarded for it, not punished.

Mr Searle said it is outrageous to punish NSW solar households after they delivered savings of $2.2 billion off the wholesale cost of power in one year as well as helped keep power on during heatwaves.

The Liberal-National party has done nothing to help reduce cost of living pressures which are being driven by energy price hikes and rising power bills.

NSW Labor believes those with roof top solar should get a fair price for their contribution to our shared energy needs- and will ensure it happens. Energy companies will also be forced to net meter solar households so they get full credit for the solar energy they generate.

NSW Labor has already outlined a plan for secure and clean energy:
· Invest in renewable generation action regional NSW using the proceeds of the Snowy Hydro sale
· Provide a fair minimum solar tariff so households are paid fairly and get full credit for the power they generate; and
· Massively increase solar energy generation on the rooftops of government buildings.

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