Since 2011, the Liberals and Nationals have sold off more than $50 billion of publicly-owned assets and have gone too far in their privatisation agenda. This has had devastating effects for people in NSW. 

Privatisation has resulted in higher electricity prices for families and small businesses, despite a pledge by former Premier Mike Baird that prices would not go up.  Prices have gone up by 20 per cent since 2017 and 60 per cent since 2011.

The Liberal government has plans to sell off more public assets.  Labor says, this has to stop!


Labor will put an end to the Liberals’ destructive privatisation scam in NSW.

Under Labor the sell-offs will stop and there will be:

  • No privatisation of NSW hospitals;
  • No privatisation of Water;
  • No more electricity privatisation; and
  • No privatisation of public transport services.

These assets should remain in public hands and under Labor will be managed efficiently and effectively for the people of NSW.



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