What's the Secret? The George Street Electrocution Investigation needs to be Re-opened.

When I heard that a teenage girl was electrocuted in George Street, I thought that a thorough investigation would be undertaken.

She thought she was going to die!

Instead, what we have had is a cover up based on the suppression of information.

The independent investigator has revealed that he was obstructed because components of what led to the incident were 'unable to be fully assessed'. 

He reported on the lack of cooperation by  Lend Lease Tyco Joint Venture the maintenance contractor for this government project, saying :

  • he was unable to validate the maintenance obligations were conducted
  • routine reports related to audits, inspections and surveillance activities were not availalbe
  • CCTV footage from a nearby bank was not made available to the investigation and
  • Safework NSW did not seek nearby CCTV footage
  • there were multiple issues associated with awareness, detection and protection 
  • a number of weaknesses existed within the NSW Transport Cluster

This as a multi-million dollar project which has disrupted George Street traffic and businesses for almost two years already.

It is absolutely unacceptable that the Berejiklian government has not ensured the independent investigator has all the documentation required to scrutinise the incident. 

Surely the public needs to know the truth. The investigation should be re-opened and the independent investigator provided with all the documents.  If we don't know what went wrong, how can we be sure it won't happen again? 

Don't you agree? 


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