Let's Fund our Mental health Services properly!

Do we really need more vulnerable people dying from neglect to highlight the crisis in our mental health units and services in NSW?

Last year a coronial inquiry was held into the death of Miriam Merten, who died in Lismore's Adult Mental Health Unit in 2014.  She died from a brain injury after she fell over more than 20 times in a the Mental Health Unit at Lismore Base Hospital.

Last month, a 50 year old man with Down's Syndrome died at Byron Central Hospital from hypothermia, after he wandered through an unlocked door at the hospital and was found at 5am by a security guard.

We urgently need an inquiry into the NSW Mental Health System.

There's a major crisis of confidence in the community about the Berejiklian Government's ability to look after the most vulnerable in our community.  The mental health system lurches from crisis to crisis, and there are many serious questions to be answered about appropriate funding and resourcing of mental health units across the state.

What do you think? 



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