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From today's 'Crikey' news.

Crikey tell us: The New Daily reports that anti-abortion protestors can now face jail for picketing or filming abortion clinics within the new 150-metre zones. Although, even with precedent creating legal scope for the procedure, abortion itself still has not been decriminalised within the state. 

While Premier Gladys Berejiklian voted in favour of last night’s bill, both Minister for Women Tanya Davies and Families and Prevention of Domestic Violence Minister Pru Goward voted against the new safe access zones. 

Seems to me that it’s very disappointing that our own Member, and Minister for Families and Prevention of Domestic Violence would vote against legislation to protect women who have made a difficult decision in accordance with their conscience, from those who want to aggressively promote their own view about what those women should do. Not only that, but also expose those women to increased risk of harm from disaffected partners.

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Our State

We need a Labor majority to reinstate a focus of fairness and sustainability across all state matters. Yes, we've got our very important local issues that need our attention and energy, but today, I'm struck hard by the current devastating attack on National Parks governance by the coalition's plan to institute a new management body made up of appointees with vested, commercial interests (this is the substance below the emotive surface of the plan to protect feral horses in Kosciuszko NP). Equally critical is the establishment of firm rules ensuring accountability to the people by government - brought to our attention by the current government's attempts to hide the cost/benefit analyses and policy-guiding documents behind their decisions to spend massively on knocking down and rebuilding sports stadiums and to re-locating and fragmenting the Powerhouse museum. We've been shown how the Coalition operate and how they regard (disregard) the long-term interests of our state. We need Labor's focus on fairness, respect and transparency of process back in power.

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Get the Goulburn Base Hospital Parking Right First!


The continuing debacle of the Goulburn Base Hospital redevelopment now includes an admission by Health Infrastructure that there is still no acceptable parking plan for the project - both during and after the redevelopment.

This week I have been approached by residents in neighbouring streets whose driveways have been blocked for hours. 

Even the Council has finally realised that unless the parking issues are resolved NOW, they will never be properly addressed by the NSW Government.

I'm saying- GET THE PARKING RIGHT FIRST, before spending good money after bad on this folly of a Hospital redevelopment. 

It isn't too late for Health Infrastructure  to stop, take stock and realise that a Greenfield Site for A New Hospital is by far the better longterm investment for Goulburn. 

Let me know what you think. I want to hear your voice on this issue! 

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Give Murrumbateman the Primary School it Deserves

More than 600 children get on busses from Murrumbateman each day to go to school in Canberra or Yass. Despite endless campaigning from locals for the re-establishment of a local school, the NSW government continues to say "no". The NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes  says NSW will build 12 new schools... but not one in Murrumbateman.

This year the ACT government has limited the schools that children from outside the ACT can attend. The Yass Primary Schools are at capacity.

Do you think that Murrumbateman, the fasted growing part of the Yass Valley should have a school as part of the social infrastructure for the community?   Schools act as community hubs. Labor committed to a school in 2015 and still believes Murrumbateman needs its own school now, to take young children off the Barton Highway. 

What do you think?

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