This Budget fails the fairness test.

What an unfair budget for Australia! This is an unfair budget that gives big business and the banks an $80 billion tax handout and makes Ordinary folk  pay for it with cuts.


The $270 million cut to TAFE will reduce options for young people and frustrate employers already struggling to find skilled employees in our region.

$17billion school cuts will impact teachers and students across the country. 

The commitment of $100 million for the Barton Highway, can be spent anytime between now and 2026! 

More than 1200 Centrelink staff will be cut from offices across the country as the government pays companies like SERCO to outsource jobs to the Phillipines..

Only 14,000 extra home care packages will be funded over four years, although more than  100,000 people are on waiting lists.

Thd Liberals promised ‘no cuts to the ABC’, but on top of the $254 million in cuts imposed since 2014, this Budget contains another  $127 million in cuts. The ABC has already admitted that more cuts cannot be absorbed by efficiency measures alone, which may mean that the ABC services in rural and regional Australia will suffer.

An arms industry has received more funding than our International Aid budget. Swathes of cuts to regulatory bodies such as ASIC and the Human Rights Commission charged with monitoring the activities of corporations and organisations, just as the banking Royal Commission reveals corporate malfeasance.

This budget is like every other Liberal budget – it has failed the fairness test.


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