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We need a Labor majority to reinstate a focus of fairness and sustainability across all state matters. Yes, we've got our very important local issues that need our attention and energy, but today, I'm struck hard by the current devastating attack on National Parks governance by the coalition's plan to institute a new management body made up of appointees with vested, commercial interests (this is the substance below the emotive surface of the plan to protect feral horses in Kosciuszko NP). Equally critical is the establishment of firm rules ensuring accountability to the people by government - brought to our attention by the current government's attempts to hide the cost/benefit analyses and policy-guiding documents behind their decisions to spend massively on knocking down and rebuilding sports stadiums and to re-locating and fragmenting the Powerhouse museum. We've been shown how the Coalition operate and how they regard (disregard) the long-term interests of our state. We need Labor's focus on fairness, respect and transparency of process back in power.

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  • Meave Ramsay
    published this page in Community Voices 2018-06-06 12:55:51 +1000